Meet the teamwork who makes the dreams work

Our Bussines

Through Exotique Hospitality, we provide sales and marketing support for hotel, villa, and home-stay so that the owner and operational team can focus on giving the best experience to the guest​

Exotique Activities is a travel planner on specific activities and also providing services for the company outing. Partnering with a lined of the incumbent company in Bali, we committed to give the best travel experience.​

A little bit different from Exotique Activities, Bali Exotique is our special travel brand for special francophone market.

About the company

Exotique Group pioneered in 2016 and today they call it PT. Exotique Group Indonesia. This company was legalised at the end of 2018 in Indonesia and focus on tourism industry to give the best travel services to the clients. Concept of our business is a great collaboration between technologies and tourism industry now days.

Running the company as your generation, we bring a pure vision to create a sustainable environment in a good traveling behaviour especially in Indonesia, our greatest country with it’s natural wealth.